The RA2000 series is a comprehensive programme of robust radiator thermostats which cover all central and district heating systems. RA2000 thermostats are gas filled with a reaction time of impressive 10 min - the fastest in the world for mechanical radiator thermostats. The snap-lock installation is easy to operate and requires no use of tools.

Capillary tube length [m] [Max]
Sensor setting temperature [°C] [Max]
Sensor type
Sensor setting temperature [°C] [Min]
Sensor media
Connection type to valve
Capillary tube length
Capillary tube length [m] [Min]
RA2916 FF max 7-23 Celcius, Allen Screw 013G2916
RA 2000
White RAL 9016
2.0 m
22 °C
Remote sensor
5 °C
0-2 m
0.0 m