OBC 85

The OBC series offers stable and precise timings independent of variations in supply voltage and ambient temperature. The control is undervoltage protected in accordance with EN 298:2012. In case of undervoltage the control will prevent the burner from starting and simultaneously show a flash code. Besides this, up to five other fault types can be read out as flash codes when the control is in lockout. OBC 85 offers 1 and 2 stage and post purge.

Packing format
Number of stages
Safety time [s]
1 or 2 stage
Prepurge time [s]
Preignition time [s]
Postignition time [s]
Supply voltage range [V] AC [Min]
Supply voltage range [V] AC [Max]
OBC 85B.10 (SINGLE/MULTI) 057H8710
Single pack
10 s
13 s
13 s
15 s
195.0 V
253.0 V

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