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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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Fly high with a new drone

Being an installer is hard work. And a lot of fun. To bring a little extra competition and smiles into your working life, we have created a unique installer game. A game specially designed for installers. So, are you ready to fly high?

What type of installer are you? Test yourself and win!

Do you have a college whi is always showing off his latest digital gadget, one that's always pranking everyone in the team or one that is really good at working with all types of customers? Enter this fun personality test and find out which of the six installer types fit you best: The Joker, The Overachiever, The Smooth Operator, The Digital Freak, The Energy Wizard or The Oracle?

6Xcharacters Installerlife 1920X1080px
Which of the 6 characters are you?

What drone can you win?

The Payload Altitude GPS is a very robust and handy turbo quadrocopter with GPS and compass-controlled directional control, intelligent LED lighting, direction indicator and low voltage warning. Thanks to the intelligent attitude control, the quadrocopter is easy to fly even for the more experienced beginner. In addition, the payload Altitude GPS flies with the AHP + function, this is the automatic orientation mode with automatic return flight, so that the Payload Altitude GPS automatically retains the desired track. Ideal for filming moving objects. On request, the quadrocopter can take the programmed flight direction back to the pilot. 

Payload GPS VR Drone Altitude HD FPV Wifi ComingHo

Feature highlights: 

  • By pressing Position Hold, the model will hold it´s position via GPS
  • Coming Home enables the Quadrocopter to auto matically fly back to it´s home position, which is saved as GPS location
  • Altitude Hold Adjustment - Altitude
  • Electronic direction control Headless
  • WiFi FPV HD camera (720p) with Photo/Video function and removable 4 GB SD-card
  • Controllable via Transmitter or App
  • View images through VR glasses using smartphone app (Splitscreen VR Mode)
  • Unique FPV flying experience
  • Track following
  • 4 extremely powerful motors allow a payload of up to 350 g
  • Removable Action-Cam-Mount with quick lock to attach common Action Cameras
  • Self stabilising 6 Axis gyro flight attitude adjustment
  • LED lighting (two-coloured) with flight direction indication and low voltage warning
  • 2,4 GHz for multi-player operation
  • Sturdy and light plastic frame with changeable rotor protection
  • Up to 40 Km/h fast
  • 3 Flight modes (slow, medium and fast)
  • Fast changing battery pack
  • Rotor blade quick-change system - no screws needed'
  • Controllable via G-Sensor
  • Start and Landing-Assistent

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